Americans have a long standing association with wood- they’d happily spend on wood flooring, but think twice to even spend half as much on other flooring options like concrete.   Contrary to public opinion, concrete floors offer better value for money and are versatile.  Here are some common myths associated with concrete floors and the truth:

  • Concrete floors aren’t right for your climate because they’re cold: This may have been true a few years ago when houses weren’t properly insulated. But today, building codes enforced by the government ensure that that a vapor barrier is mandatorily installed to make prevent moisture from being absorbed.  In fact, a new blend of concrete mixtures makes it possible for people to install concrete even when the temperature is below freezing.
  • Concrete is expensive: True, concrete is a little more expensive when compared to other flooring options like wood, ceramic, etc. But unlike other options, you need not replace the flooring often. All that’s needed is polishing and sealing once in a few years.
  • Concrete floors look dull and boring: However said so, hasn’t probably heard about staining concrete. In fact, decorative concrete is an increasingly seen feature on most upscale homes and hotels. Different acid mixes and overlays can help you achieve a wide variety of designs and layouts. In fact, companies often make use of polished concrete to etch their company’s name or logo on the floor.

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