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The acid staining applications for the concrete rely on a mild acid that opens the pores of a concrete slab. It allows the metallic salts to react with the cement lime to produce a typical color variation. There are reactive acid stains that include greens, reddish browns, and browns. These stains etch the concrete by removing the free lime existing between the sand particles. When specifying the stains, etching should be considered properly. The success of acid stain concrete in Kansas City mainly depends on mitigating the common issues explained here:

Difficulty in Proper Curing of the Concrete:

A difficulty occurs when the contractor does not use moisture for wet curing of the concrete. This process strengthens the concrete, especially when using acid staining. Most importantly, no membrane should be added to the top for inhibiting the penetration of acid into the concrete.

To avoid this problem, the contractors use wet curing or concrete curing compounds that work as an alternative. Some compounds can cure and seal the surface but, they cannot retain the moisture for a long time. Therefore, you should prefer thick and tough coatings for the acid stains. Apply multiple coats to seal the stain properly by filling the pores created by acid etching.

Lack of Sealing Capabilities in the Curing Compounds:

An expert flooring contractor can guide you in the selection of durable and effective curing compounds having strong sealing capabilities. Typically, the acid stains can react with the soft concrete paste in which the free lime turns into a harder substance over time. To eliminate this issue, the floors can be ground deeply for removing the curing compound.

These are the common issues that may occur in stained concrete in Kansas City. You can prevent them by hiring an expert contractor.

Concrete polishing is a kind of machinery refinement that makes use of abrasives and densifiers to improve the look of concrete floors. Concrete polishing in Kansas City can also make the floors more durable, long-lasting and fairly easy to maintain. This is because, you don’t need to cover the polished concrete with tiles, carpets etc. that might require costlier maintenance. Here are the tips to take care of polished concrete in Kansas City,

  • Have a schedule

Schedule the cleaning based on the degree of traffic your floor sustains. If the space receives foot traffic all the time, structure a morning and evening schedule. Regular maintenance is a must. The floor might look fine to your eyes, but the dirt particles can have undesirable effects on the finish and would eventually ruin the glossy appearance of the floor.

  • Use the appropriate tools

If you are doing it manually, sweep the floor to remove the sand, dust and other debris regularly. And mop the floors periodically. You can add a pH neutral formation cleaning agent to the water while mopping to ease the process.

In case of automatic scrubbers, make sure that the material used is supple and non-abrasive.

If there are any liquid spills, clean them up at once or else it might get seeped into the surface.

  • Stay clear of detrimental substances

You must not wax the polished concrete, which can cause permanent damage to the floor. Also, avoid taping the floor, degreasers and acids that have etching property.

Concrete polishing is a significant investment. Thus, protect it with proper maintenance.

Are you thinking of getting polished concrete in Kansas City for flooring? You have made the right choice. They cost lesser, do not require much maintenance and can last for a longer period. At the same time, it is your responsibility to keep them away from any damage. Understand that concrete is a porous material. A mild crack to the surface can result in damaging them significantly. Therefore, you need to take some precautionary measures to increase their lifetime. Fortunately, they are not difficult or time-consuming. Here are some tips to maintain the health and the appearance of polished concrete in Kansas City,


To sustain the attractive nature of the concrete floor, you need to reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris over them. They would collect moisture and would facilitate the formation of cracks. Hence, sweep or vacuum clean the floor regularly. In order to remove tougher stains, you can mop the floor. But, make sure that they are thoroughly dried after mopping as wet floors promote the growth of mildew and the expansion of concrete.

Removal of stains

Do not make use of harsh chemical products to get rid of floor stains. One of the major benefits of concrete polishing in Kansas City is that they do not require extensive cleaning. It is enough to use soap and water to freshen up the floor surface.


You can also add a layer of sealing, which can act as a protection for the floor. As such, you can safeguard your floor against foot traffic, car tires, moisture and furniture, and retain their appearance for years. You can also protect the floors by covering them with the use of rugs or other barriers.

Above all, have your concrete floor polished again after few years to maintain its gloss and luster.

Garage floor coating is not just ideal for keeping things look clean, nice and fresh, but also to protect your floor. There’s a reason behind using concrete for floors in basements and garages, which is its high durability. But that doesn’t make it indestructible. This is where concrete coating in Kansas City is useful. Here are 5 benefits you need to know:

  1. Thicker coatings can cover imperfections such as spider cracks and pitting. Garage floor coating also has anti-dusting properties, hence your storage items, car and other tools remain protected from it.
  1. Garage floor concrete coating is resistant to moisture. This makes it easy to clean the floor that collects icy brines and road salts collected during winter. All it requires is a mild soap and water for cleaning.
  1. Garage floor coating is also chemical and stain resistant, meaning brake fluids, gasoline, anti-freeze and other chemicals can be easily removed with a few simple wipes. Floor coating can also transform your dull-looking garage into a bright and beautiful space.
  1. Concrete coating makes way for greater durability. You don’t have to worry about your tools falling on the floor, as coating provides high impact resistance.
  1. If you are staging your home for selling, you could invest in concrete coating to make it look attractive than ever. You don’t have to spend a fortune in doing so, and can attract your potential homebuyers with a fine-looking garage.

These are some of the advantages of concrete coating for garage floors. Concrete coating is imperative for it adds extra layer of protection from constant wear and tear.

Epoxy flooring is loved by most people today for the many benefits it imparts. They make your floor look beautiful, secure and durable at the same time. They can even be color coated to suit your customization requirements. If you are considering epoxy flooring for your property, consider these factors before moving ahead with the project:


  1. Color Coating:

To suit specific requirements in your work site, epoxy flooring can be color coated. For instance, if you need to create ‘work zones’ and control traffic at your site, color coating becomes helpful. This can improve workers’ safety, preventing occurrence of mishaps and accidents.

  1. Reflectiveness:

With epoxy flooring installed, you can increase visibility in your site without having to invest in additional lights. This is owing to the fact that epoxy floors are highly reflective and makes sophisticated jobs safer and easier for workers. You also get to save money on electricity bills without having to depend on electric overhead lighting.

  1. Chemical Resistance:

Epoxy flooring is extremely useful in factories and industries. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to spillage and everyday use of harsh chemicals. This way, you can impart extra protection for your floors. The strength and durability of epoxy floors can prevent extensive damage to the building.

  1. Versatility:

Epoxy floors are highly versatile and can be customized to suit the purpose. For instance, epoxy floors can add that extra sparkle and decorative finishing at automotive showrooms while offering adequate durability to withstand pressure from heavy automobiles. When it comes to kitchen and bathrooms, epoxy floors offers enough resistance to chemicals and moisture.

Don’t miss out on the above-mentioned benefits when planning your epoxy flooring project in Kansas City. Choose a professional to help you bring your dreams to a reality.

Be it the living room or bathroom, floors make a great impact. Floors are definitely not the sections of your home to mess around with. No matter if you have concrete floors, polished concrete floors or epoxy flooring; they are all so visible to not let it ruined by unskilled professionals. Which is why, picking up the right professional for installing concrete floors is highly critical.

Let’s Start the Hunt

As for any job, finding the local professionals is always a good policy. However, it gets even more imperative to pick a local professional when it comes down to concrete coating and installation. For concrete flooring, you will need to deal with truckloads of heavy materials; so, by selecting a local professional, you can greatly reduce the additional transportation costs.

Check Online For Local Professionals

Online websites that connect specialized and experienced flooring professional of a particular area with the homeowners are the best source to find a reliable contractor. You may also take recommendations from your friends or family members who recently have got their concrete flooring works done by some great local professionals.

Installing concrete is a highly specialized profession and it takes experienced professionals to finish the job well and correct. So, choose local professionals by the area of their specialization; not all general flooring professionals can execute concrete flooring projects efficiently.

Check for Proper License

After you have narrowed down your search to your local area, start checking out the credentials. You must check that the professional you want to hire holds all the required licenses and insurance to undertake the project responsibly. Checking the insurance is important not just for the contractor’s safety but for every single person involved in the project including you. Insurances ensure that in case of any accident, you will not be accountable for medical bills.

Check the Customer Reviews

After checking the credentials, read the online customer reviews to ensure good services of the professionals. However, online reviews can be created to be fake, you must ask the local professional to get you contact numbers of house owner they have recently worked for. Speak to them personally to be assured of satisfactory services.

When you finally select a local concrete flooring professional, discuss and outline the entire flooring project with them.  Ask for an estimate and tentative project end date. Such information in advance helps preventing costly delays and conceptual differences in the middle of the project.

Concrete has wear and tear problems, but can be resolved. Now, Kansas City Concrete Solutions provides revolutionary polishing services for businesses and homeowners

[May 2, 2014, Kansas City] – Be it a business space or home, concrete floors have their own merits and demerits. Cracks of different types developed on the material have the ability to damage the floor permanently. While polishing the floor can be daunting for many, cleaning the polished floor can be annoying as well. It requires a professional approach to resolve issues like aging problems, cracks, polishing and cleaning which are detrimental.

“Finished floors may look beautiful to the naked eye. But they come with their own set of challenges. Despite remarkable maintenance of the material, it still can’t be at its best as aging problems, stains, etc. can test its durability and performance. No one loves to visit a place with an acid stained concrete floor and this may affect the productivity of any business. People tend to repair the floors themselves but it can cause serious injuries to the person without any prior expertise in dealing with this material,” said a spokesperson.

Today, with the evolution of technology, resolving the building material related predicaments have become simpler and easier. Several companies are offering trustworthy services that can help resolve the floor-related woes in no time but picking the right one can be a difficult choice.

Mr. Lager, Kansas City Concrete Solutions, “People often worry about the safety and professionalism when resolving building material problems, next to the costs involved with the solutions. Especially, cleaning, polishing and coating epoxy floors require a professional approach and with our 10 years of expertise and several alternatives, we can finish the look of any floor beautifully at affordable costs.”

Mr. R. Harrison, a warehouse facility site manager quoted, “Excellent Work! I was very satisfied with the crew that came out and polished our warehouse floors.  Bob’s guys were very friendly and they got the job done during our off-hours.  Would definitely recommend and will use Bob’s company again in a few years to keep things looking nice.”

About Kansas City Concrete Solutions:

Kansas City Concrete Solutions with 10-year experience is the industry leader in offering concrete polishing, coating, cleaning, flooring, etc. services. With several new alternatives and techniques, they have helped a lot of businesses to grow fast with polished and perfect looking concrete floors.


Kansas City Concrete Solutions

It is generally believed that polished concrete is easy to clean and hence maintenance free. But one should be careful about stains from oil, grease, food particles, and chemicals. It is also important to protect the floor from scratches caused by dust particles. When left unattended, these stains and scratches can damage the floor permanently, causing you re-polish the floor. Here are a few things to be careful about on how to clean polished concrete when cleaning polished concrete;

a)      As earlier said, clean spills immediately as they leave a stain on the floor. These leave a permanent mark on the floor.

b)      Ensure that a walk-on matt is placed so that people are allowed to allow people stamp their feet before walking on the floor.

c)      Dry mopping should be done every day, but here again, much depends on the traffic that the floor is subjected to. For instance, floors with high traffic should be dry mopped more than once.

d)     As for wet mopping, make sure that harsh chemicals are not added to the water. A mild detergent should be more than helpful. The harsh chemicals in the cleaners react on the floor and rob it of its shine.

e)      Employ the services of a professional cleaning company to protect the floor from deterioration. These professionals make use of diamond impregnated pads that can scrub the floor and retain the shine on the floor.

f)       They also make use of specialized chemicals that can be used to protect against abrasions.

When looking for a professional concrete polishing company, Kansas City based Concrete Solutions is the ideal choice. Their decade long experience should help you in getting the perfect shine.

Kansas City based concrete floors specialists Kansas City Concrete Solutions offer a user friendly tool that helps them visualize the changes that can be made to their floor.

[April 8, 2014, Kansas City] – People don’t usually warm up to the idea of installing concrete floors and consider them to be dull and boring. The ‘Visualizer Tool’ is an easy to use app that helps potential clients to visualize the changes that can be done to their flooring.

Users can choose from different levels and types of polish, finish, color and decorative options. The app automatically adjusts to reflect user preferences. There are around 2 dozen colors, four different polish levels (from matte finish to high gloss) and three different aggregate options to choose from. “Staining concrete floors is a popular option and the outcome is often the result of the homeowner’s imagination. You can create vivid designs using our app,” says a spokesperson for the company.

Different colors and techniques can be applied to create a beautiful finish. Decorative effects like saw lines or logos can be added for extra appeal. Sometimes sealers too can affect floor appearances!

“Once you’ve made up your mind, contact us for a free estimate to determine the costs of the different options,” he adds. Concrete Solutions also offers polished concrete, concrete coating and epoxy flooring finishes for existing concrete floors.

Concrete floors are energy efficient, mold, water resistant and easy to maintain. They don’t need carpeting and are easy on the pockets as well.

About Kansas City Concrete Solutions

Kansas City Concrete Solutions specializes in providing professionally polished concrete floors. They also offer concrete coating/sealing and epoxy flooring finishes. The company is family owned and operated headquartered in Bucyrus. Concrete Solutions is also a certified user of Ameripolish, Prosoco and the Super Abrasive process. They serve in and around Mid-West area including Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Boston and Hays.

To know more or to try out the Visualizer Tool, visit: /visualizer-tool/