Concrete Tips

How to Clean Polished Concrete

It is generally believed that polished concrete is easy to clean and hence maintenance free. But one should be careful about stains from oil, grease, food particles, and chemicals. It is also important to protect the floor from scratches caused by dust particles. When left unattended, these stains and scratches can damage the floor permanently, causing you re-polish the floor. Here are a few things to be careful about on how to clean polished concrete when cleaning polished concrete;

a)      As earlier said, clean spills immediately as they leave a stain on the floor. These leave a permanent mark on the floor.

b)      Ensure that a walk-on matt is placed so that people are allowed to allow people stamp their feet before walking on the floor.

c)      Dry mopping should be done every day, but here again, much depends on the traffic that the floor is subjected to. For instance, floors with high traffic should be dry mopped more than once.

d)     As for wet mopping, make sure that harsh chemicals are not added to the water. A mild detergent should be more than helpful. The harsh chemicals in the cleaners react on the floor and rob it of its shine.

e)      Employ the services of a professional cleaning company to protect the floor from deterioration. These professionals make use of diamond impregnated pads that can scrub the floor and retain the shine on the floor.

f)       They also make use of specialized chemicals that can be used to protect against abrasions.

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How to Clean Your Concrete Floors

Concrete floors last long, but with proper cleaning techniques you can ensure its longevity without compromising on its beauty. The general principle is that cleaning largely depends on the traffic that the floor is subjected to. But there are a few things that everyone should know when cleaning concrete floors;

a)      Concrete floors that are treated to acid stains are more likely to suffer damage. This is because acid stains leave the floor transparent thereby dirt and other residue is more likely to be seen clearly.

b)      Your concrete coating and sealing contractor can help you with the details about cleaning the floor.

c)      But generally, cleaning is done by rubbing the floor with a soft bristle scrub. This brush can remove all the dirt. If mopping with water does not remove the dirt, you can apply a mild soap. If the stain is resistant to the soap as well, try using a stronger soap that contains ammonia.

d)     Occasional dusting keeps the dirt and grit away from the floor. Sometimes contractors sell special cleaners that are effective on these floors. Floors subject to high traffic should be cleaned on a daily basis.

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Acid Stained Concrete

Acid staining is a simple and cost effective way to create pattern and images on concrete Acid Stained Concretefloors. With a little imagination and ingenuity, an acid stained concrete floor provides a unique indoor and outdoor surface and can replicate conventional flooring options like hardwood, marble, granite or ceramic.

Acid stain concrete look is achieved by applying acid stain with the help of an acid resistant brush on concrete surface. Variations can be created either by diluting the stain, wetting the floor, or applying concrete tint. The acid penetrating into the concrete creates a dizzying array of colors and patterns.

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Some of our Concrete Staining work

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Taking Care of Your Concrete Floors through Coating and Sealants

Concrete floors and countertops have always earned a bad reputation for being stain prone. This was probably because of the quality of sealants used. Sealants in the past were acrylic and wax based; these were not as resistant to stains as the ones that are available today.  Before you choose a sealant, make sure that you ask your contractor if;

a)      The sealant would not affect the look of the floor negatively, but would only enhance it.

b)      It is non-porous

c)      The sealant would prevent all stains, irrespective of the fact that they’re from food, oil or other acidic substances like vinegar and lemon, or household cleaners.

d)     It is scratch proof.

Basically, there are two types of sealants; penetrating and topical. Penetrating sealants are applied almost immediately to the bare concrete. When dried and wiped, these sealants are almost invisible. As for topical sealants, they can be found in a wide variety of appearances and quality. Common among them include wax, acrylic, epoxies, urethanes, etc.

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Cleaning and Maintaining Epoxy Flooring

It is true that epoxy flooring is extremely durable and last longer than other conventional floors. But it is also true that they need regular care and maintenance without which the floor begins to look dull and lifeless. To those who’ve installed epoxy flooring, here are a few things that people should know regarding their cleaning:

a)      Abrasives Can Make the Floor Look Dull: Sand, dirt and dust particles scratch the perfectly polished surface. They act as abrasives and rob the floor of its shine. Hence make sure that dust is cleaned every day without fail, especially if they are in high traffic areas.

b)      Harsh Cleaning Chemicals Can Ruin the Floor’s Appearance: While it is true that you can use regular cleaning products for epoxy (mild detergents are the best though), remember to rinse the floor immediately after applying. These solutions contain harsh chemicals that may damage the floor when left for a long period of time. Soap should not be used to clean the floor. This is because a soapy floor can leave the floor extremely slippery and may even cause accidents. Soap leaves behind a thin film that remains even after the floor has dried. To avoid this, make sure that you do not use soap on epoxy flooring.

c)      Do not Use Harsh Scrubs: Scrubs can be used on epoxy flooring, but use ones with soft bristle. Hard bristles may scratch the surface. After scrubbing, rinse the floor well so as to remove all residues.

d)     Do not expose it to too much moisture: Special sealants and techniques used on epoxy flooring protect it from moisture. But epoxy isn’t suited for floors that are exposed to a lot of water or are prone to flooding.

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are indeed versatile and durable, but it is important that minimum care is taken to ensure that the shine and sheen isn’t lost. Polished concrete, when not maintained properly, can make the floor look dull. Here are a few things that people need to know about maintenance before installing polished concrete floors;

  • Unlike other floor types, polished concrete does not need wax polish or sealants. The floor is extremely durable thanks to the densification and extreme polishing that they are made to go through.
  • The regularity of the mopping depends on the traffic that the floor is subject to. For instance, floors subject to heavy traffic have to be mopped once in a day to ensure that dust particles do not scratch the surface.
  • Harsh chemicals used in common household cleaning solutions remove the shine from the floor. Instead, washing the floor with a mild detergent would suffice. But do not clean without the detergent; dust settles on the floor when plain water is used.
  • Do not allow water to dry on the floor. The water stains left on the floor look ugly and are difficult to remove over time.
  • Before wet mopping, make sure that you have mopped it well with a dry and soft cloth to remove the dust particles. This makes it easy for you to clean when wet mopping.
  • Tea, oil and other staining products should be cleaned instantly. This is to prevent the concrete surface from absorbing any of the material. Stains on these floors can sometimes be permanent.

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How to Maintain Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are often subject to bad publicity. ‘They’re so difficult to maintain’, seems to be the main grouse. But contrary to popular opinion, concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other floor types, there are no grout lines, which means you do not have to worry about ugly stains along these lines. They may not be high maintenance, but certainly need regular upkeep. Here are a few things that you need to know to maintain concrete floors;

a)      Sand and other dust particles act as abrasives and rob the floor of its shine and sheen. But so do the chemicals found in commonly found cleaning liquids. Instead, use a mild detergent with a microfiber pad to get rid of the dust particles. The water should be clean and so should be the mop. Using water alone, with a cleaning solution would leave the dust particles as they are, on the floor, causing further damage.

b)      But before you wet mop, make sure that the dust is removed with a dry and soft pad. The regularity of the cleaning largely depends on the traffic subjected on the floor. Thus, high traffic floors need regular cleaning- at least once in a day.

c)      Concrete is a porous material; it absorbs stains quickly. Make sure that you wash off the stains quickly, even if it was subject to concrete coating and sealing.

d)     Water should not left on the floor to dry by itself. When wet mopping, make sure that you undertake the process in small areas. i.e., ensure that the area is completely dry before moving on to another area.

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Why and When to Use Concrete Coating and Sealing

It is common for contractors to complete concrete flooring jobs by sealing and coating the floor with sealants. Concrete absorbs moisture quickly, thus exposing it to the vagaries of the weather during extreme climatic conditions. The climate in most of the US forces people to experience the freeze-thaw cycle. To protect the floor from contracting during winter and expanding during summer, a process of coating and sealing is applied on the floor. Even in places where the climatic conditions aren’t harsh, it is important to apply sealants to prevent stains and dust particles from making the floor look unattractive. Dust particles and sand cause abrasions, thereby giving them a dull appearance. Cleaning the floor with common household chemicals can also steal away the look of the floor.

Contractors usually advise people to apply sealers after the concrete is fully settled. This could be anywhere around 15 days to a month. Acrylic-resin sealers should be applied as soon as the concrete floor is laid so as to allow the floor to withstand the weight of the installer. It is best to allow the contractor to decide on the right time to apply the sealer as this largely depends on the type of sealant applied.

Generally, the type of sealant to be used depends on the material that the floor should repel. For instance, to repel oil based stains, siliconate should be used, and to repel water acrylic-resin based sealants should be used. Epoxy is a good sealant used to repel harsh chemicals and petroleum based products.

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What is Epoxy Flooring?

Many people may not know that epoxy is a cost effective and durable flooring option. You have probably seen epoxy floors in your friend’s garage or in hotel lobbies, but did not even realize what you were looking at. To those who’d like to know more about epoxy, read further;

What is Epoxy?

When different types of resins and hardeners are mixed together, the resultant mixture is a thick plastic like material called epoxy. It is possible to create different looks by combining different types of resins.  You can either choose to opt for an epoxy coating or go for epoxy flooring. While the former refers to a thin layer that is applied, the latter refers to a floor where multiple layers of the material are applied. Besides these, you can also choose between different types of materials and polishing to get different types of floorings. Common among these types include self dispersing epoxy flooring, epoxy terrazzo floors, graveled epoxy floors, etc.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring:

The fact that these are durable and easy to maintain make them a natural choice for hotel lobbies, hospitals, and other places with a lot of traffic. Self leveling epoxy floors are easy to clean and hence used for kitchens and dining area.

They’re easy to apply as well, but it can take time and effort to apply epoxy for the first time as the tiny bumps and holes on the floor will have to be evened out. But subsequent coatings should be easy to work as well as easy on the budget.

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All That You Wanted To Know About Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for some durable and easy to maintain flooring options, epoxy should fit the bill easily. They’re not only easy to maintain, but pleasing to the eyes as well. To those who’re yet to be initiated into epoxy, here’s all that you wanted to know;

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a combination of certain types of resins and hardeners. When mixed together the resultant rigid and plastic like material is known as epoxy. This is then applied to floors as an alternative to other options such as wood, marble, ceramic, etc.

Advantages of using epoxy:

Epoxy floors are sealed tightly to prevent mold and mildew attacks. They’re versatile as well- it is possible to conjure a wide variety of design ideas by using different types of epoxy.

Different types of epoxy flooring:

Generally, epoxy is applied as a coating or as flooring. When applied in depth it constitutes as flooring, and when applied as a thin coating, it is called epoxy coating. But then again these floorings can also be differentiated by the type of material used; common types include- self dispersing epoxy, self leveling, mortar epoxy, etc. Make sure that you speak to the contractor well in advance and seek advice about the type of flooring that’s best suited for your requirement. For instance, self leveling is best suited for kitchens and dining room because they’re easy to clean and maintain, whereas self dispersing floors are suitable for areas with heavy traffic.

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