Concrete floors last long, but with proper cleaning techniques you can ensure its longevity without compromising on its beauty. The general principle is that cleaning largely depends on the traffic that the floor is subjected to. But there are a few things that everyone should know when cleaning concrete floors;

a)      Concrete floors that are treated to acid stains are more likely to suffer damage. This is because acid stains leave the floor transparent thereby dirt and other residue is more likely to be seen clearly.

b)      Your concrete coating and sealing contractor can help you with the details about cleaning the floor.

c)      But generally, cleaning is done by rubbing the floor with a soft bristle scrub. This brush can remove all the dirt. If mopping with water does not remove the dirt, you can apply a mild soap. If the stain is resistant to the soap as well, try using a stronger soap that contains ammonia.

d)     Occasional dusting keeps the dirt and grit away from the floor. Sometimes contractors sell special cleaners that are effective on these floors. Floors subject to high traffic should be cleaned on a daily basis.

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