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When it comes to buildings and structures, the concrete coating is very important. Concrete coating in Kansas City protects your floor from contamination and deterioration. It also includes added benefits such as,

  • Aesthetics
  • Chemical resistance
  • Non-skid
  • Physical performance
  • Ease of maintenance

Some extreme workplace conditions such as chemical attack, abrasion, and thermal shock impact can affect your flooring. Moreover, concrete floors are porous and have the tendency to collect dust from continuous wear and traffic. Hence, concrete coating and sealing in Kansas City is very important to extend the longevity of your commercial concrete floors.

Epoxy Coatings

Among all the protective coatings for floors, epoxy is considered to be effective and seals concrete well to prolong the life of the floors. Epoxy coating comes in three different formulations such as solvent based, water based and 100% solid. The main advantage of using epoxy flooring is its high versatility and can be used anywhere, in your home, office, workshop, and even in industries and factories.


Polyurethane, also known as high performance coating has a higher wear resistance than epoxy coating. This type of coating is known for handling impacts better than other coatings and possesses high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. The unique properties of polyurethane are,

  • UV stable
  • Scratch resistant
  • High-temperature tolerance

Polyurethane coatings do not bond well compared to epoxy coatings and do not work to fill in the small cracks in the surface as a self-leveling agent. Epoxy floor coatings are two times more durable and also help you save 45% of the costs.

Benefits of Sealing Concrete FloorsTreating your concrete floor with a high-quality sealant is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to protect your concrete investment. As chemical formulas improve with recent technological advancements, concrete sealers are fast becoming more and more popular. Here we have listed a few benefits of concrete coating and sealing in Kansas City.


Compared to uncoated concrete floors, sealed concrete floors are much easier to clean. Moreover, with sealed concrete floors, dust and other contaminants don’t get entrenched as easily, and stains don’t set in sealed surfaces.

Retains Brightness

Did you know workers avoid accidents in better visibility? According to the recent research reports, glossy or light colored floor paint can significantly brighten up a room. Hence, sealed concrete floors are aesthetically pleasing and are more welcoming to your visitors. Since sealed concrete floors improve the brightness of the room, you can save on energy cost as your lighting systems become more effective.

Antimicrobial Properties

The floors of industrial facilities such as health care facilities, food processing plants, or restaurant kitchens must be free from disease-causing microbes. Concrete sealing in Kansas City prevents mold or mildew growth and seals moisture, spores and germs that are hidden in cracks and pores in a floor.


Concrete sealing in Kansas City prevents breakdown and cracks in floors and resists damage from very harsh chemicals. By this way, it extends the longevity of concrete floors.

Non-skid coatings are available in the market that improves the safety and efficiency of operations taking place in a facility.

You may have heard of both the terms epoxy floor coating and epoxy floor paint. Most people think that both are same, but actually, they are not the same. When planning for the DIY project, epoxy floor paint seems to be a very attractive option than to choose the epoxy flooring experts in Kansas to install epoxy floor coating. With names that are almost identical, most people confuse between the epoxy floor coating and the epoxy floor paint.

Chemical Difference

To know the difference between the epoxy floor coating and epoxy floor paint, it important to know the chemical components that are used to make up the product. The epoxy floor coating is made of two components such as high-performance epoxy resin and the polyamine hardener. The epoxy floor paint is latex paint that contains a little epoxy resin as a component of the product. As the epoxy floor paint lack epoxy resin ingredient, the paint performs far below the industrial grade. So choosing epoxy floor coating can be the best choice.

Installation and Lifespan

Applying epoxy floor paint in homes can be an easy task, and even homeowners can try DIY. But busy facilities like commercial areas should apply epoxy floor coating to increase the lifespan of the concrete floor. Installing epoxy floor coating need the help of a professional who knows to prepare the concrete substrate and install epoxy floor coatings to the concrete floor. When the epoxy floor coating is installed correctly in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, it can provide excellent durability and long-term value. You can also prefer flake epoxy flooring to enhance the beauty of your floor.

Applying Epoxy Floor Coating

Are you planning to enhance the beauty of your floor? The epoxy floor coating is one of the most preferred ways of enhancing the quality and beauty of the floor. The epoxy floor provides various features that could help you enhance the flooring structure. If you own a business and you need to improve the beauty of the business place, then epoxy floor coating is the right choice. You can hire epoxy flooring experts in Kansas to apply the coat on your floor. Epoxy is one of the outermost thermosetting resins that can be applied to the floor as a coat. The epoxy floors offer various benefits, and few are mentioned below.

Strong and Durable

The epoxy floor coating is strong and durable so that when applied to the concrete floors, it will prevent the floor from cracking or breaking. If you use the epoxy coating on your floor, you no need to worry about the flooring problems. The tough coating can ensure that your concrete floor can be maintained in good condition for a long period.


As the epoxy floor coating acts as a good complement to your business place, you can apply an epoxy coating to make your business place more appealing. The coating can offer a bright shiny color to your floor that can attract everyone. Since the epoxy floor coating is available in various colors, you can choose the one that suits best for your floor.

Easy To Clean

The business place is a busy area, and you may need to spend more to hire someone to clean the floor. As the epoxy floor coating is dust resistance and easy to clean, you can save more. Flake epoxy flooring can also make your cleaning easy.

polished concrete in residence

When you want to get rid of the plain old concrete in your home or commercial establishment, staining can lift the looks of your flooring impressively. Staining is a process of sealing of the concrete and redefining its appearance. However, the effectiveness of this process relies on the nice and clean surfaces. Here’s how you can clean up the floor for concrete staining in Kansas City:

Grinding Down the Concrete:

If there are a lot of contaminants in your concrete floor, grinding is the most viable option. This process is required only for the surfaces that have undergone rugged use for a long time. It also works well for the surfaces that have dealt with a lot of contaminants. For example, the floors that sustain paints, glue, and oil spills require grinding to address the contaminants.

To initiate the process, you need a small 4-inch grinder that can be used for the corners and areas that are hard to reach. A larger grinder is needed for larger spaces. Lot of dust will be blown into the air during this process. It is a specialized job that should be best entrusted to the experts.

Using Chemical Cleaners:

If the concrete floor in your building has been contaminated with one or two separate agents, you can safely use chemical cleaners. The selection of cleaner depends on the type of contaminants existing on the floor. Acidic cleaners are a viable choice for cleaning the acid-soluble stains. On the other hand, pH-neutral cleaners can be used for sealed and clean floors while alkaline cleaners are best suited for oily and greasy surfaces.

For effective cleaning of the slabs for stained concrete in Kansas City, call the experts who can manage this process smoothly.

The acid staining applications for the concrete rely on a mild acid that opens the pores of a concrete slab. It allows the metallic salts to react with the cement lime to produce a typical color variation. There are reactive acid stains that include greens, reddish browns, and browns. These stains etch the concrete by removing the free lime existing between the sand particles. When specifying the stains, etching should be considered properly. The success of acid stain concrete in Kansas City mainly depends on mitigating the common issues explained here:

Difficulty in Proper Curing of the Concrete:

A difficulty occurs when the contractor does not use moisture for wet curing of the concrete. This process strengthens the concrete, especially when using acid staining. Most importantly, no membrane should be added to the top for inhibiting the penetration of acid into the concrete.

To avoid this problem, the contractors use wet curing or concrete curing compounds that work as an alternative. Some compounds can cure and seal the surface but, they cannot retain the moisture for a long time. Therefore, you should prefer thick and tough coatings for the acid stains. Apply multiple coats to seal the stain properly by filling the pores created by acid etching.

Lack of Sealing Capabilities in the Curing Compounds:

An expert flooring contractor can guide you in the selection of durable and effective curing compounds having strong sealing capabilities. Typically, the acid stains can react with the soft concrete paste in which the free lime turns into a harder substance over time. To eliminate this issue, the floors can be ground deeply for removing the curing compound.

These are the common issues that may occur in stained concrete in Kansas City. You can prevent them by hiring an expert contractor.

In the recent days, concrete floors have become undoubtedly the most popular and widely spread flooring option used for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. This rise in popularity is attributed to the lots of benefits polished concrete floors offer. Here is a whittled list of reasons why you should give some thought to polished concrete in Kansas City.

Durable and Sustainable

Unlike vinyl flooring or ceramic tile, polished concrete floors have higher durability and sustainability. These floors can usually last for more than 15 years with minimum maintenance and breakage by an impact.

Eco-friendly Option

Concrete polishing is considered to be the very definition of “green,” since it uses non-toxic and renewable materials. No hazardous materials are used in the installation and maintenance of concrete floors. Hence, they do not allow mold, mildew or allergens to accumulate on the surface.

Energy Efficiency

Polished concrete floors absorb heat from the sunlight and release the stored heat whenever necessary. This means low energy consumption and low energy bills.


Concrete polishing in Kansas City is considered to be the most economical options compared to other flooring options such as hardwood, vinyl flooring or laminate. Based on the total area, the cost per square meter will differ. If you already have a concrete slab, it only requires polishing, and the cost will be minimal.

Less Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are very easy to maintain. Sweeping and mopping, occasional damp mopping, are the only cleaning activities you should do to keep it clean and preserve the high gloss. When installed and polished proficiently, you won’t need to worry about re-polishing the surface too soon.

Moreover, these flooring options are mark and stain free, and are available for immediate use. Especially for institutions as hospitals, hypermarkets or production plants, this flooring option is a complete boon since it could be immediately used without any worries.

Building green homes that are environmentally friendly has become the mantra for more and more builders and homeowners. Polished concrete in Kansas City is the best option if you are considering eco-friendly flooring, as it is easy to attain all the benefits of sustainable construction without sacrificing aesthetics or breaking the budget. Here we have listed a few reasons to why polished concrete floors are “green.”

Low Consumption of Raw Materials

Few raw materials are consumed for polished concrete flooring hence the process of polishing concrete floors has a small footprint. While polishing concrete floors, the only material applied to existing concrete floor slabs are water-based hardeners and stain-resistant treatments.

Utilizes Recycled Products

Polished concrete floors often include crushed glass, marble chips, or metal shavings to add more aesthetic appeal. Usually, these components are discarded after the first usage, but they gain a second life in polished concrete floors.

No Harmful Volatile Compounds

Did you know many flooring materials and floor maintenance chemicals emit volatile organic compounds into the air? But, polished concrete floors are VOC-free and results in the pure indoor air.

Dust and Mold Resistant

Using carpet or other floor coverings promotes the accumulation of dust and mold growth when they become damp. This causes several respiratory problems and other associated health risks. But, polished concrete floors are considered to be a healthy alternative for individuals with allergies and other health issues since they do not have these issues.

Reduce Energy Bills

Many recent reports show that polished concrete floors can increase ambient lighting levels in buildings with windows by 30% due to their reflective surfaces. This reduces the need for artificial lighting during the daylight hours. This also means less money spent on energy bills.

Remember the cliché “Going green isn’t just good for the planet…it saves money, too?” It’s not far from the truth! Consider getting concrete polishing in Kansas City for your home or business to go green and save more money.

Epoxy flooring is loved by most people today for the many benefits it imparts. They make your floor look beautiful, secure and durable at the same time. They can even be color coated to suit your customization requirements. If you are considering epoxy flooring for your property, consider these factors before moving ahead with the project:


  1. Color Coating:

To suit specific requirements in your work site, epoxy flooring can be color coated. For instance, if you need to create ‘work zones’ and control traffic at your site, color coating becomes helpful. This can improve workers’ safety, preventing occurrence of mishaps and accidents.

  1. Reflectiveness:

With epoxy flooring installed, you can increase visibility in your site without having to invest in additional lights. This is owing to the fact that epoxy floors are highly reflective and makes sophisticated jobs safer and easier for workers. You also get to save money on electricity bills without having to depend on electric overhead lighting.

  1. Chemical Resistance:

Epoxy flooring is extremely useful in factories and industries. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to spillage and everyday use of harsh chemicals. This way, you can impart extra protection for your floors. The strength and durability of epoxy floors can prevent extensive damage to the building.

  1. Versatility:

Epoxy floors are highly versatile and can be customized to suit the purpose. For instance, epoxy floors can add that extra sparkle and decorative finishing at automotive showrooms while offering adequate durability to withstand pressure from heavy automobiles. When it comes to kitchen and bathrooms, epoxy floors offers enough resistance to chemicals and moisture.

Don’t miss out on the above-mentioned benefits when planning your epoxy flooring project in Kansas City. Choose a professional to help you bring your dreams to a reality.

Epoxy flooring has become a trend these days and is a popular choice of flooring amongst residents/business owners. This is owing to the fact that epoxy flooring in Kansas City makes floors easy to maintain and durable in the long term. Here are 4 reasons stating why epoxy flooring is a good choice for everyone.

  1. Enhanced Safety:

Wondering how epoxy flooring improves safety in home or business? Epoxy flooring are executed in such a way that they resist falls, fire and impact. They are also resistant to chemicals. This is why epoxy floors are mainly found in medical facilities, businesses and malls.

  1. Improves Appearance:

Epoxy floors are very captivating with its soft and shiny appearance. There are also several options in terms of color and styles to attain your desired appearance of the polished surface. This means that epoxy flooring are well capable of fulfilling your tastes and preference.

  1. Saves Cost:

Who wouldn’t like to save costs when it comes to flooring? Epoxy flooring is rendered one of the most cost effective flooring options out there, which people can prefer to save money on frequent and unwanted floor repairs in the future. Epoxy floors are highly durable and prevent fading of tiles, cracking and stains.

  1. Easy to Clean:

We all know how hard it is to clean a floor using strong detergents and brushes. Epoxy flooring provides a smooth surface that is pretty easy to clean and once done, it provides a glossy shine. This is particularly beneficial as it saves both your time and money.

These are the reasons why epoxy flooring is beneficial for both homes and businesses. Contact a flooring solutions expert today and opt for epoxy flooring.

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