Besides commercial establishments like hotels and hospitals, people have started considering polished concrete as an affordable option for residential homes as well. There are several reasons why polished concrete is a far better choice than other conventional floor types. Here are three of them;

a)      They’re easy to maintain: Unlike wood or marble, concrete is easy to maintain. With polished concrete flooring you do not have to worry about regular waxing or polishing. Cleaning is easy as well- you just have to swipe and mop it well with some water. With simple concrete floors, dust and dirt may act as abrasives and steal the floor of its sheen. But with advanced polishing equipments like diamond polishing, it is possible to retain the shine even after years of rough use. Unlike other flooring types you do not have to worry about stained grout lines because the entire floor is a single slab of concrete.

b)      Aesthetic appeal: You can recreate a wide variety of designs and patterns by mixing different colors of sands/acids, different levels of polishing, etc.  In fact, you can even recreate the look and feel of conventional flooring options like marble, granite, ceramic tiles, etc. No wonder, commercial establishments make use of polished concrete to etch out their logo or company name on the flooring.

c)      They offer value for money: Laying polished concrete is indeed expensive. But they repay over time. First and foremost, you do not have to worry about spending for floor covering materials like carpets, etc. The shine obtained after polishing the floor makes it difficult for dirt and dust to settle down- but regular cleaning is important to make sure that they do not rob the floor of its sheen.

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