In the event of a mishap in concrete construction or when you need to add a layer of protection to your concrete floors, concrete coating is an excellent option. Despite its acceptance and popularity, there are several myths about concrete coatings. Here are some of them debunked:

Myth 1: Coatings are all the Same

Truth: The differences that appear between coatings might seem minimal at first. Give it a closer look and you will observe Polyhybrid formulas and epoxy coatings belong to different categories. These materials differ in their ability to perfectly bond with the concrete surface.

Myth 2: Coatings Doesn’t Look Authentic

Truth: The reality is that concrete can mimic the look of other materials such as granite, brick or pavers to produce amazing results. In fact, concrete can give you the required look for less. There are several possibilities with concrete as you can experiment with different colors to match with your décor.

Myth 3: They cannot be repaired

Truth: People are under the impression that cracks in concrete floors cannot be repaired. But this is totally possible with concrete coating, as it will not just hide such cracks but also prevents new ones from forming. Concrete coating can make sure any imperfections are fixed for a fresh, new look.

Myth 4: They are Easily Prone to Environmental Damage

Truth: Damages are usually caused by storms and other harsh weather conditions. However, when concrete coatings are set right, they can withstand impact and stay away from environmental damages.

Deal with an expert flooring solutions provider that can offer the best concrete coating in Kansas City. With their experience, the professionals will make sure the coating system will remain highly durable and protected for long.