Kansas City Concrete Solutions is sharing the following tools for you to use here. We want you to get the best experience from our Polishing and Staining:

Concrete Polishing Visualizer Tool

What would your concrete polishing job look like when completed?  Well, this tool will help you visually see what it could look like.  Concrete polishing examples and pictures can also be found here.

Stained Concrete Visualizer Tool

When it comes to Concrete Staining and Concrete Stamping, this similar tool will help you see what your concrete staining project would look like.   Check out some of our examples of our concrete staining.  You will not be disappointed.

Concrete Calculator Tool

Did you ever need to pour your own concrete, but didn’t know what the volume should be?  This tool will help you determine what the total volume should be and helps you understand how much concrete would be necessary for a new job from the start.