polished concrete

It is generally believed that polished concrete is easy to clean and hence maintenance free. But one should be careful about stains from oil, grease, food particles, and chemicals. It is also important to protect the floor from scratches caused by dust particles. When left unattended, these stains and scratches can damage the floor permanently, causing you re-polish the floor. Here are a few things to be careful about on how to clean polished concrete when cleaning polished concrete;

a)      As earlier said, clean spills immediately as they leave a stain on the floor. These leave a permanent mark on the floor.

b)      Ensure that a walk-on matt is placed so that people are allowed to allow people stamp their feet before walking on the floor.

c)      Dry mopping should be done every day, but here again, much depends on the traffic that the floor is subjected to. For instance, floors with high traffic should be dry mopped more than once.

d)     As for wet mopping, make sure that harsh chemicals are not added to the water. A mild detergent should be more than helpful. The harsh chemicals in the cleaners react on the floor and rob it of its shine.

e)      Employ the services of a professional cleaning company to protect the floor from deterioration. These professionals make use of diamond impregnated pads that can scrub the floor and retain the shine on the floor.

f)       They also make use of specialized chemicals that can be used to protect against abrasions.

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Besides commercial establishments like hotels and hospitals, people have started considering polished concrete as an affordable option for residential homes as well. There are several reasons why polished concrete is a far better choice than other conventional floor types. Here are three of them;

a)      They’re easy to maintain: Unlike wood or marble, concrete is easy to maintain. With polished concrete flooring you do not have to worry about regular waxing or polishing. Cleaning is easy as well- you just have to swipe and mop it well with some water. With simple concrete floors, dust and dirt may act as abrasives and steal the floor of its sheen. But with advanced polishing equipments like diamond polishing, it is possible to retain the shine even after years of rough use. Unlike other flooring types you do not have to worry about stained grout lines because the entire floor is a single slab of concrete.

b)      Aesthetic appeal: You can recreate a wide variety of designs and patterns by mixing different colors of sands/acids, different levels of polishing, etc.  In fact, you can even recreate the look and feel of conventional flooring options like marble, granite, ceramic tiles, etc. No wonder, commercial establishments make use of polished concrete to etch out their logo or company name on the flooring.

c)      They offer value for money: Laying polished concrete is indeed expensive. But they repay over time. First and foremost, you do not have to worry about spending for floor covering materials like carpets, etc. The shine obtained after polishing the floor makes it difficult for dirt and dust to settle down- but regular cleaning is important to make sure that they do not rob the floor of its sheen.

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People aren’t usually as enthusiastic about choosing polished concrete as they are about choosing other types of flooring such as ceramic tiles or marble. A common argument against their use is that they’re too difficult to maintain or that they’re very expensive. Some of them find concrete floors to be very cold and hence not suitable for cold climates. While it is true that polished concrete is expensive, it is also true that they repay over time- a perfectly done concrete polishing job can last a lifetime and sometimes even outlive you! Here are some of the other benefits associated with polished concrete:

  • They’re aesthetically pleasing: Polished concrete is the flooring of choice in many commercial spaces like hotels. Factors such as the color of the sand used, the different levels of polishing, the method in which the finisher trowel was operated, the fact that colors were used in the mix or not, etc, can affect the final look and finish of the floor. The options are endless; much like a canvass on which skilled technicians can recreate almost any look and feel! It is also possible to recreate the feel and look of a marble or granite flooring.
  • Low maintenance: Contrary to popular opinion, polished concrete floors do not need special attention. All they need is regular cleaning and an occasional mopping. Unlike other floor types, you need not wax polish the floors or coat them to retain their shine and sheen.

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Americans have a long standing association with wood- they’d happily spend on wood flooring, but think twice to even spend half as much on other flooring options like concrete.   Contrary to public opinion, concrete floors offer better value for money and are versatile.  Here are some common myths associated with concrete floors and the truth:

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