In the recent days, concrete floors have become undoubtedly the most popular and widely spread flooring option used for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. This rise in popularity is attributed to the lots of benefits polished concrete floors offer. Here is a whittled list of reasons why you should give some thought to polished concrete in Kansas City.

Durable and Sustainable

Unlike vinyl flooring or ceramic tile, polished concrete floors have higher durability and sustainability. These floors can usually last for more than 15 years with minimum maintenance and breakage by an impact.

Eco-friendly Option

Concrete polishing is considered to be the very definition of “green,” since it uses non-toxic and renewable materials. No hazardous materials are used in the installation and maintenance of concrete floors. Hence, they do not allow mold, mildew or allergens to accumulate on the surface.

Energy Efficiency

Polished concrete floors absorb heat from the sunlight and release the stored heat whenever necessary. This means low energy consumption and low energy bills.


Concrete polishing in Kansas City is considered to be the most economical options compared to other flooring options such as hardwood, vinyl flooring or laminate. Based on the total area, the cost per square meter will differ. If you already have a concrete slab, it only requires polishing, and the cost will be minimal.

Less Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are very easy to maintain. Sweeping and mopping, occasional damp mopping, are the only cleaning activities you should do to keep it clean and preserve the high gloss. When installed and polished proficiently, you won’t need to worry about re-polishing the surface too soon.

Moreover, these flooring options are mark and stain free, and are available for immediate use. Especially for institutions as hospitals, hypermarkets or production plants, this flooring option is a complete boon since it could be immediately used without any worries.