Building green homes that are environmentally friendly has become the mantra for more and more builders and homeowners. Polished concrete in Kansas City is the best option if you are considering eco-friendly flooring, as it is easy to attain all the benefits of sustainable construction without sacrificing aesthetics or breaking the budget. Here we have listed a few reasons to why polished concrete floors are “green.”

Low Consumption of Raw Materials

Few raw materials are consumed for polished concrete flooring hence the process of polishing concrete floors has a small footprint. While polishing concrete floors, the only material applied to existing concrete floor slabs are water-based hardeners and stain-resistant treatments.

Utilizes Recycled Products

Polished concrete floors often include crushed glass, marble chips, or metal shavings to add more aesthetic appeal. Usually, these components are discarded after the first usage, but they gain a second life in polished concrete floors.

No Harmful Volatile Compounds

Did you know many flooring materials and floor maintenance chemicals emit volatile organic compounds into the air? But, polished concrete floors are VOC-free and results in the pure indoor air.

Dust and Mold Resistant

Using carpet or other floor coverings promotes the accumulation of dust and mold growth when they become damp. This causes several respiratory problems and other associated health risks. But, polished concrete floors are considered to be a healthy alternative for individuals with allergies and other health issues since they do not have these issues.

Reduce Energy Bills

Many recent reports show that polished concrete floors can increase ambient lighting levels in buildings with windows by 30% due to their reflective surfaces. This reduces the need for artificial lighting during the daylight hours. This also means less money spent on energy bills.

Remember the cliché “Going green isn’t just good for the planet…it saves money, too?” It’s not far from the truth! Consider getting concrete polishing in Kansas City for your home or business to go green and save more money.