If you want your floor to last longer while also looking aesthetically attractive at the same time, concrete coating will be a great option for you. Concrete coating in Kansas City not just extends the life of your floor, but also reduces maintenance and repair costs. With an aesthetic and protective coating, the surface is protected from abrasion, wear & tear, and other environmental conditions.

How does it Work?

A Concrete coating will include a unique blend of high resistance acrylic and latex resins that are blended using the best cement.  This prevents any liquid from passing through it while also keeping the surface protected. This way, your floor maintains its sheen and durability for long.

How is it done?

A flooring expert will evaluate your flooring to determine the extent of damage caused to it. If your floor is damaged with cracks and other problems, the floor will be first patched and repaired before the application of the coating. Reputable companies will only use the best materials to ensure quality.

Aspects to Consider for Concrete Coating:

  1. The final appearance of the floor surface is considered first, and the coating is applied to obtain the best of form and functionality.
  2. Longevity is vital. Anyone would want their floors to last a lifetime, and concrete coating is one of the methods that assure the same. A flooring specialist will enlist the most important maintenance procedures, which when implemented can extend the longevity of your floor.
  3. Budget is another important element. With concrete coating, you get what you pay for.

For both residential and commercial environments, concrete coating in Kansas City is a great choice, especially when you’d like to maintain a floor that is both strong and appealing.