There is a huge demand for acid staining in Kansas City these days because more people are beginning to focus on sustainable and organic building designs. Other than being eco-friendly, concrete staining is also good to look at, affordable and easier to maintain.

Here are some tips on how to achieve flawlessly stained concrete floors in Kansas City,

  • Check whether your floor is a perfect candidate of concrete staining. Make sure that the concrete floor is free of dust, dirt, paint, oil, adhesives or any other contaminants, so that the acid stains can bond well with it.
  • Do not treat the floor with any water-proofing or undesirable cleaning agents. It would affect the way acid stains react with the floor.
  • The concrete floor should not have any aggravate materials thrusting out if you want to achieve the desired effect of acid stains.
  • It can be hard to select the perfect match of color with concrete staining, so look for a complementary color. Also, keep the amount of natural lighting the room receives when you are choosing the color.
  • Consider the level of gloss the sealant provides when you pick it. High gloss sealants might be more attractive but they reveal more dirt than the others. Also, check whether the particular sealant is compatible with the concrete floor.
  • If you are about to use solvent-based acid stains in the indoors, ensure that the floor is a properly ventilated area as they give out a powerful odor.

Also, you can hire professional services if you want it done properly without the risk of damaging the floors.