concrete flooring

Concrete floors are often subject to bad publicity. ‘They’re so difficult to maintain’, seems to be the main grouse. But contrary to popular opinion, concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other floor types, there are no grout lines, which means you do not have to worry about ugly stains along these lines. They may not be high maintenance, but certainly need regular upkeep. Here are a few things that you need to know to maintain concrete floors;

a)      Sand and other dust particles act as abrasives and rob the floor of its shine and sheen. But so do the chemicals found in commonly found cleaning liquids. Instead, use a mild detergent with a microfiber pad to get rid of the dust particles. The water should be clean and so should be the mop. Using water alone, with a cleaning solution would leave the dust particles as they are, on the floor, causing further damage.

b)      But before you wet mop, make sure that the dust is removed with a dry and soft pad. The regularity of the cleaning largely depends on the traffic subjected on the floor. Thus, high traffic floors need regular cleaning- at least once in a day.

c)      Concrete is a porous material; it absorbs stains quickly. Make sure that you wash off the stains quickly, even if it was subject to concrete coating and sealing.

d)     Water should not left on the floor to dry by itself. When wet mopping, make sure that you undertake the process in small areas. i.e., ensure that the area is completely dry before moving on to another area.

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It is common for contractors to complete concrete flooring jobs by sealing and coating the floor with sealants. Concrete absorbs moisture quickly, thus exposing it to the vagaries of the weather during extreme climatic conditions. The climate in most of the US forces people to experience the freeze-thaw cycle. To protect the floor from contracting during winter and expanding during summer, a process of coating and sealing is applied on the floor. Even in places where the climatic conditions aren’t harsh, it is important to apply sealants to prevent stains and dust particles from making the floor look unattractive. Dust particles and sand cause abrasions, thereby giving them a dull appearance. Cleaning the floor with common household chemicals can also steal away the look of the floor.

Contractors usually advise people to apply sealers after the concrete is fully settled. This could be anywhere around 15 days to a month. Acrylic-resin sealers should be applied as soon as the concrete floor is laid so as to allow the floor to withstand the weight of the installer. It is best to allow the contractor to decide on the right time to apply the sealer as this largely depends on the type of sealant applied.

Generally, the type of sealant to be used depends on the material that the floor should repel. For instance, to repel oil based stains, siliconate should be used, and to repel water acrylic-resin based sealants should be used. Epoxy is a good sealant used to repel harsh chemicals and petroleum based products.

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