Polished Concrete

Looking to upgrade your house? A polished concrete floor is an amazing choice. But people may have a doubt “how long does polished concrete in Kansas City last?” Are you one among them? You are in the right place! This is what we are going to see in this blog.

Concrete polishing in Kansas City comes in many flooring options which are easy to maintain. Depending on the usage and maintenance of the floor, you can determine the long-lasting of concrete’s polish. If you give proper attention to clean your floor regularly, you can extend the period of your concrete floors.

Durability of Polished Concrete

The durability of past polished concrete will be 5–10 years, but when properly maintained polished concrete will give 20+ years shine and gloss of the same pretty floor that you loved on day one. And it requires less work resulting in lower costs.

Reason of shineless Concrete

There are two reasons behind the shine less residential concrete in Kansas City. The key mistake, the property owners, mostly do is,
1. An absence of maintaining your floor by hiring the proper concrete contractors in Kansas City at least once in the year.
2. Usage of harsh chemicals to clean the floors.

Concrete contractors Kansas City will take a shine to your flooring and take away the permanent stain from it. Also, it gives a smooth, clean, impervious, durable, colorful and attractive look to your house. This long last the shine and gloss durability of Concrete more than 20+ years.

It’s important to clean your floor to extend the benefits of your newly installed flooring, but the cleaner you use shouldn’t be made of harsh chemicals. This is because it deteriorates the quality and shine of the concrete floors.

The products which we shouldn’t use for cleaning your floor shorten the shine quickly are…

  • Products with high pH or alkalis
  • harsh brushes

By avoiding the products that are mentioned above, you will end up with 20+ years shining floor.

Tips To Maintain the Shine!

Hire the concrete contractors in Kansas City, to change your flooring or to polish your old concrete into a new one.

1. Remove the dust and grit that could scratch the floor by vacuuming your house daily.
2. Mop over the floor with the warm water and harmless chemicals, at least once in a week.
3. Buffing the surface once the floor dry with the buffing pad will keep a high sheen.
4. Avoid harsh chemical which dulls the shine off.


What are you waiting for? Hire one of the leading concrete companies in Kansas City to upgrade your house! Polished Concrete in Kansas City will long last more than 20+ years if you select the right professional and maintain it properly. So do more research before finalizing and maintain your floor with the tips given above.