Concrete Garage

Hiring the best concrete contractors is vital if you are desperately in need to enhance the visual and functional appeal of your property. If you are looking to hire concrete contractors in Kansas City for your residential or commercial renovation project, then you should consider asking these questions:

1. Are you Bonded, Certified and Licensed?

There are state regulations in most places that will require most professionals to be certified and licensed to render their services. If you are hiring a contractor who is licensed, you can be sure that the professional is experienced and has the right skills to offer the service.

Moreover, they must also be bonded and insured when performing the job on your property. This protects you in the event a worker is injured or if your property is damaged during the work.

2. What is Your Schedule?

If you find that your potential concrete contractor is working only during specific times, you’ll understand their level of dedication they have to serve their customers. Ensure that you choose a company that’s willing to work the most to finish the project at the earliest. Even if it means working during weekends or after-hours, they’ll be happy to serve you.

3. Do You Have Photos of Your Previous Work?

Concrete contractors develop their business and reputation by offering the best to their customers. They can show you photos of all the work they have done so far to give you an idea about their service. Such companies will also have testimonials and photos displayed on their website for reference.

Ask these three important questions when looking to hire concrete contractors in Kansas City. Such professionals can bring you the most reliable solution for all your flooring needs.

If you want to have an effective and durable concrete work, it is important to select the right concrete contractor in Kansas City. A reputed company offers a variety of installation and decorative options to suit all your needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind while hiring a concrete company in Kansas City,


Make sure that the contactor has required experience in the field. Only an experienced contractor would have the right set of skills and insights to offer a high quality service. He can also suggest the perfect concrete options for your space.


The best way to learn about the reputation of a company is to follow up the references provided by the company. You can also evaluate the testimonials and reviews to know more about their worthiness. Pay special attention to the negative reviews and see how responsive the company is to those complaints.


It is essential that you shouldn’t be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps that might happen during the work. Your contractor must have adequate insurance to cover the general liabilities and the workers compensation.

Compare rates

Ask your potential contractor for an estimate that includes all the relevant expenses. Then, compare this rate with the other contractors in your locality. Avoid selecting someone purely based on the pricing and do not fail to consider the expected quality of work and the expertise of the contractor while making your decision.

Once you have chosen a true professional, you can successfully complete the project that meets your needs within your budget and time-frame.

Concrete polishing is a kind of machinery refinement that makes use of abrasives and densifiers to improve the look of concrete floors. Concrete polishing in Kansas City can also make the floors more durable, long-lasting and fairly easy to maintain. This is because, you don’t need to cover the polished concrete with tiles, carpets etc. that might require costlier maintenance. Here are the tips to take care of polished concrete in Kansas City,

  • Have a schedule

Schedule the cleaning based on the degree of traffic your floor sustains. If the space receives foot traffic all the time, structure a morning and evening schedule. Regular maintenance is a must. The floor might look fine to your eyes, but the dirt particles can have undesirable effects on the finish and would eventually ruin the glossy appearance of the floor.

  • Use the appropriate tools

If you are doing it manually, sweep the floor to remove the sand, dust and other debris regularly. And mop the floors periodically. You can add a pH neutral formation cleaning agent to the water while mopping to ease the process.

In case of automatic scrubbers, make sure that the material used is supple and non-abrasive.

If there are any liquid spills, clean them up at once or else it might get seeped into the surface.

  • Stay clear of detrimental substances

You must not wax the polished concrete, which can cause permanent damage to the floor. Also, avoid taping the floor, degreasers and acids that have etching property.

Concrete polishing is a significant investment. Thus, protect it with proper maintenance.

Garage floor coating is not just ideal for keeping things look clean, nice and fresh, but also to protect your floor. There’s a reason behind using concrete for floors in basements and garages, which is its high durability. But that doesn’t make it indestructible. This is where concrete coating in Kansas City is useful. Here are 5 benefits you need to know:

  1. Thicker coatings can cover imperfections such as spider cracks and pitting. Garage floor coating also has anti-dusting properties, hence your storage items, car and other tools remain protected from it.
  1. Garage floor concrete coating is resistant to moisture. This makes it easy to clean the floor that collects icy brines and road salts collected during winter. All it requires is a mild soap and water for cleaning.
  1. Garage floor coating is also chemical and stain resistant, meaning brake fluids, gasoline, anti-freeze and other chemicals can be easily removed with a few simple wipes. Floor coating can also transform your dull-looking garage into a bright and beautiful space.
  1. Concrete coating makes way for greater durability. You don’t have to worry about your tools falling on the floor, as coating provides high impact resistance.
  1. If you are staging your home for selling, you could invest in concrete coating to make it look attractive than ever. You don’t have to spend a fortune in doing so, and can attract your potential homebuyers with a fine-looking garage.

These are some of the advantages of concrete coating for garage floors. Concrete coating is imperative for it adds extra layer of protection from constant wear and tear.