Where Concrete Polishing Meets Quality in Concrete Floors

Kansas City Concrete Solutions has been around the area for many years providing excellent service to businesses and consumers throughout the whole midwest.   Transforming dull concrete in to something fabulous, our team focuses on your needs and desires to ensure our clients have the best finished product.

Kansas City Concrete Solutions offers concrete flooring solutions that are affordable yet exquisite.  We are certified consultants of Ameripolish, Prosoco and Super Abrasive Process and can offer you the best in durable concrete floors.

Our skilled workers lay the floor as per your specifications- i.e. either on a metal deck or give it a nice brush finish.   We also undertake customized finishes and have helped hundreds of clients in creating award winning designs.  Take a look at our Photo Gallery!

There’s a common misconception about concrete floors- that they’re cold, dull and boring.  But the truth couldn’t be farther from that.   Concrete floors are In fact, one of the most versatile flooring options.   Concrete has the ability to take on any color, any sheen and any look.

See what your commercial or residential floor could look like using our Polished Concrete Visualizer Tool!

Besides laying concrete floors, we also help clients with polishing and coating.  While the former makes your flooring look new, the latter helps to protect your concrete floor for life.   One of our engineers will also help guide and explain about maintaining the flooring for life.

If you’re looking for a brilliant floor – look no further! Kansas City Concrete Solutions is your concrete polishing and epoxy floor expert in the Kansas City area.  Kansas City Concrete Solutions provides residential and commercial concrete flooring solutions. It is becoming very popular among homeowners, business owners, builders, and architects to use the existing or new concrete floors as a finished floor product. Contact us today to find out which type of concrete floor finish would work best for your business or home.

Kansas City Concrete Solutions has been providing high quality 100% epoxy floors and fully polished concrete floors for over 10 years and are also experts in concrete sealing and grinding/repair work.

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