Olathe, Kansas

Olathe, Kansas

Kansas City Concrete Solutions has been working in the Olathe area for many years providing excellent service to businesses and consumers in the Kansas City metro and throughout the whole midwest.   Transforming dull concrete in to something fabulous, our team focuses on your needs and desires to ensure our clients have the best finished product.

Polished Concrete in Olathe

Olathe businesses and others across the world juggle with light arrangements in rooms.  But polished concrete reflects light very well and making the place roomy and well illuminated.  It’s also known to help reduce energy consumption due to low use of lighting on highly polished concrete floors.

Durable:  With only a little care and maintenance, polished concrete flooring can be made to last a lifetime.  Unlike other surfaces, you do not have to worry about regular upkeep. Just polish it regularly and it’s ready to go!  — looking like new again!

Some of our our Polished Concrete work found in Olathe include:

Some of our Concrete Staining work in Olathe:

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Benefits of Stained Concrete:

  • Easy to maintain: A thorough job of polishing plus sealing ensures that the floor is scratch and abrasion resistant. To clean just mop with a wipe cloth.
  • Suitable for the Olathe / Kansas City Climate: Concrete floors offer a cool surface and are suitable for the climate in the city here.
  • Cost effective: Unlike wood they don’t have to be polished once every few years. And unlike tiles, they don’t lose their sheen. It’s a time job.
  • Slip resistant: Using a proper sealer ensures that the floors are slip resistant
  • Versatile: Concrete floors can be used to replicate almost every floor type including marble, granite and even brick.

Why Choose Us for Polished Concrete floors or Concrete Polishing in the Kansas City area?

We’ve been in the business of concrete polishing and epoxy flooring for more than ten years serving the whole Olathe area.

  • Certified user of Ameripolish, Prosoco and the Super Abrasive process
  • Cost effective quote
  • Guaranteed work
  • Diamond polish leaves no chance for scuffed finishing and no need for resealing.
  • Experienced and trained friendly staff

We are experts in:

  • Concrete Sealing
  • Concrete Polishing & Polished Concrete Maintenance
  • Grinding & Concrete Repair Work
  • Epoxy Flooring and Coating
  • Concrete Coating Removal and Recoating
  • Concrete Overlaying, etc.
  • Pool Coating
  • Patio Staining
  • Floor Grinding

We can help you transform any boring and dull flooring into a vibrant and shining floor within no time.  We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in and around Olathe to create hundreds of flooring designs.   Contact us below for a FREE estimate Why not?

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