Flooring is used to be boring! But with epoxy floors, this is no longer so. The modern, creative uses of colors, texture, and resins create a contemporary look and compliment the décor of any room. Epoxy flooring in Kansas City creates a stylish, yet durable surface that can withstand years of traffic and abuse.

When installing new epoxy floors, you must be concerned about the thickness of the epoxy. The thickness of your epoxy floor depends on the following different factors.

  • The condition of your floor
  • The decorative look you want to create and
  • The type of business you are involved

Thickness of Epoxy Flooring

Depending on the application, the thickness of the epoxy flooring ranges from 0.2 – 3 mils to 250 mils or thicker. The thinner epoxy flooring is used for new concrete and the thicker epoxy flooring to repair and rebuild concrete floors that are in bad shape.

Thin Epoxy Coatings

If you are interested in brightening up your industrial or manufacturing areas, consider adding thin epoxy coatings. These floors can be quickly installed and provide minimal downtime during your new flooring installation. The thin epoxy coating makes your floor easier to clean and is well-suitable for surfaces that merely need to remain dust-free. Non-skid surfaces are also available!

Thick Epoxy Coatings

Thick epoxy coatings are suitable for areas that are heavily eroded or damaged. To achieve maximum adhesion, thick epoxy floors require significant floor preparation. Epoxy floors with the thick coating are extremely durable and can support heavy equipment. When a thick coat of epoxy is applied, scratched do not typically penetrate to concrete.

If you are still confused whether to choose thick or thin epoxy floor coating in Kansas City, consult your professionals to select the right flooring for your residential or commercial area.