You may have heard of both the terms epoxy floor coating and epoxy floor paint. Most people think that both are same, but actually, they are not the same. When planning for the DIY project, epoxy floor paint seems to be a very attractive option than to choose the epoxy flooring experts in Kansas to install epoxy floor coating. With names that are almost identical, most people confuse between the epoxy floor coating and the epoxy floor paint.

Chemical Difference

To know the difference between the epoxy floor coating and epoxy floor paint, it important to know the chemical components that are used to make up the product. The epoxy floor coating is made of two components such as high-performance epoxy resin and the polyamine hardener. The epoxy floor paint is latex paint that contains a little epoxy resin as a component of the product. As the epoxy floor paint lack epoxy resin ingredient, the paint performs far below the industrial grade. So choosing epoxy floor coating can be the best choice.

Installation and Lifespan

Applying epoxy floor paint in homes can be an easy task, and even homeowners can try DIY. But busy facilities like commercial areas should apply epoxy floor coating to increase the lifespan of the concrete floor. Installing epoxy floor coating need the help of a professional who knows to prepare the concrete substrate and install epoxy floor coatings to the concrete floor. When the epoxy floor coating is installed correctly in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, it can provide excellent durability and long-term value. You can also prefer flake epoxy flooring to enhance the beauty of your floor.